Wx delay

0730 Monday. In an anticipated but far from inspiring turn of events, we had to cancel last night’s attempt. We woke up a bit before the 2230 alarm. Bob poked his head outside the tent and immediately said “no,” but he, I, Michael and Bill stood around looking hopefully at the clouds for a while anyway before headed back to the tents.

It was the right call, because the forecasted rain and thunderstorm finally materialized a couple of hours later. We’re standing in the sun now, having rebuilt the snow kitchen and reburied tent stakes, but we would have been in trouble had we been on the route during the storm.

We went wrong in trusting the forecast for yesterday morning. Several parties summitted (or tried) in relatively good weather. We had preemptively delayed at the trailhead. When we did that, though, we allowed for an extra night on this end of the trip. That leaves us with another shot at it tonight. It remains to be seen whether we trust the route, which was already melting out, after this morning’s heavy rain.

We are planning to do some crevasse-rescue practice and then decide.

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