• On two marathons

    After finishing the 2016 Twin Cities Marathon almost an hour later than I was hoping, making another attempt soon was never too far from my mind. I put it off for a while. I completely stopped running between September 2016 and August 2017 other than to do two little 5k races and one 10k — … Continue reading On two marathons

  • The marathon

    Well, it’s done. Emily and I completed the Twin Cities Marathon a week ago today. I shall attempt to recall the details of the race and the last weeks of training — for the record, and because I am nearly certain to attempt another marathon in the near future. I completed the race in 4:57:08 … Continue reading The marathon

  • Six weeks until the marathon

    [Written Sunday, but the WordPress link to my hosting elsewhere has been really poor lately.] It’s been a rough month for my training. I don’t run well after work, or after anything really, so working a 4/10 schedule in the summer was rather key to my training plan. I could sneak in a short run … Continue reading Six weeks until the marathon

  • Training for the TC Marathon

    Around mile 5 of my long run this morning [Friday, when I wrote this — having WordPress troubles], I said to myself, “Self, training for a marathon is as worthy of being recorded on your blog as is climbing a mountain or sitting on your ass reading books in Pokhara.” I agreed with myself, because … Continue reading Training for the TC Marathon

  • Recap of the Baker Climb

    The gear is washed or hung up to breathe. The beard, such as it is, still grows until the sunburn fades. The legs and shoulders this Wednesday morning were finally just a bit sore, not especially so. And the GPS tracks are downloaded and cut and projected in Google Earth as bites of the trip … Continue reading Recap of the Baker Climb