Maps are powerful

Data are just numbers and letters in rows and columns unless analyzed and presented in an intelligible way. The best way to analyze and present many types of data is geographically. If it can be mapped, it can be understood. Smarter decisions can be made based on the spatial relationships between data points.

Thanks for visiting this site, where I post thoughts about maps and GIS. This iteration of the site started as a place to post class projects from my 2020-2021 studies in the Online Geospatial Certificate Program at Humboldt State University, but there are some other random posts about some work I’ve done, anonymized or generalized to protect the innocent.

GIS lead to having a plotter, which led to a hobby of printing and cutting vinyl, starting with a series of stickers.

About me

I am Matt Stewart of Port Townsend, Washington, and most relevant to this website is the fact that I love putting data on maps.

I pay the bills working in local government and am also a firefighter/EMT, wildland firefighter, search-and-rescue volunteer, amateur-radio operator and occasional marathon runner. More

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