I just made it home, concluding the trip with the much awaited and twice purchased flight from Chicago to SEA and a two-hour drive from there. Other than the rain and fog in the dark, the drive was fine. My head has no idea what time it is, but it apparently wasn’t time to sleep. I arrived home to one very needy cat and another that won’t come out of hiding.

We left our hotel for the Kathmandu airport at 630 am on Monday, which was just before the Oscars started. I arrived home a little after 2 am Wednesday PST, 4 am in Chicago where I left Emily and Tim, noon in Turkey where we had our last hotel rooms or 345 pm in Kathmandu. Work follows PST, so I need to get some sleep now before tomorrow’s attempt to catch up from the weeks missed.

I’ll post pictures later in the week and a link to them here. Otherwise, that’s the trip. Thanks again for reading.

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