Settled in Pokhara

We ended up sitting around the Kathmandu airport for a while this morning. Our domestic flight was originally booked for 1130 because we anticipated the arriving flight being late. When we instead arrived a little early, before 0600, we got our visas and headed over to the domestic terminal and asked a Yeti Airlines rep to move us to an earlier flight. They put us on the 0830.

That flight ended up being delayed because of weather like every other domestic flight this morning. They stacked up and sent them all starting at 1015 or so. So we still got to Pokhara earlier than planned.

Devendra picked us up at the airport and gave us each a welcome scarf. It was great to see him and great to get to the Peace Eye.

The place has changed a lot since I left in April. The restaurant was redone, including walls moved and the roof raised. They have built a new cafe for coffee and baked goods and ice cream. It’s still, though, a quaint little place with the wonderful staff that was so nice last time I was here. I’m anticipating the same good food, and we’re waiting for the first of that now.

After lunch, it’s SIM-card time for Emily and Tim. Then we explore.

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