Rain and clouds and a baby cat

We went to see a baby lion last night. It turned out to be a baby leopard, but that change disappointed no one. One of the recent guests here is working to rehabilitate it and let us see it for a few minutes, no cage or anything. We went with Devendra and some others from the guesthouse. Emily took pics and video.

Following that and a brief walk along the main road of Lakeside, Emily and Tim both turned in early without dinner. I didn’t have dinner either — probably should have to help with the jetlag — but I stayed up as late as I could reasonably stay awake on the couch in the courtyard. Slept most of the night, save an hour listening to what seemed like a pretty heavy rain around 0130.

I was sunny every day lately until we got here, of course. I snapped this shot this morning just before more clouds rolled across from the left, and that was all I saw of the peaks this morning. Hopefully the cloudy weather rolls out soon and leaves us with some clear skies.

Not much on the agenda the next couple of days. Just picking up a few things we need and exploring Pokhara a bit. Everyone has a Nepali phone number now and a cell-phone charger that works here (when the power is on), so we shouldn’t lose anyone.

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