Packed and ready to go

Emily and I have our backpacks packed, save a few things running through the washer and the dishwasher. Back in Michigan, Tim has been packed and asleep for a while — the early train he has to catch to Chicago is a few hours earlier than the start of the drive we have to the Seattle airport given the time difference.

Somewhat different than planned due to our relocation two months ago, we will start the trip with a flight from Seattle to Chicago. There we will pick up Tim and our previously booked itinerary. The three of us will fly from Chicago to Istanbul, then from there after a brief layover to Kathmandu on Turkish Airlines’ new Istanbul-to-Kathmandu route. We depart Wednesday morning from Seattle, Wednesday night from Chicago, and we arrive in Kathmandu early on Friday.

From there, we have tickets on a KTM-to-Pokhara domestic flight. In Pokhara, we’ll settle into the wonderful guesthouse where I based last year’s trip. The weekend (as if the next few weekends will be perceptible to us there) will be spent getting cell phones and trekking passes sorted out and introducing Emily and Tim to the country.

That’s the plan, at least. More to follow as we make our way there. Thanks for reading — it made all the difference last year traveling by myself, and I still hope to update frequently despite not traveling solo this time.

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