…with boarding pass

It took an hour, but the agent helping me seemed to enjoy the challenge. Thankfully, this was not a quick layover. Though Etihad is operating the flight for my last leg, I’m book on it through American, despite my having flown Etihad for the previous three legs of this trip. It shouldn’t matter, one would think: I had the same situation with AA and BA on my first leg leaving Chicago a month ago, and I checked in with BA with no issues.

Here, however, it was a problem requiring much glaring at the reservation computer and a few phone calls. Eventually I ended up rebooked directly with Etihad, and they threw in a couple of meals during the layover for my trouble.

I had a real, beef burger for dinner, trying to eat on Central Time now. That’s my third of the day, actually, but the other two were veggie burgers at Peace Eye and in the Kathmandu airport restaurant, respectively. I held back from any type of burger until today, but the thought of going home to easy food decisions swayed me.

I slept on the flight here, and now I’m trying to stay awake for a few hours or, probably, until my last flight starts. The first half of it roughly corresponds to when I should be sleeping in Chicago. If I can sleep a little then and wake up over the Atlantic I should get a little head start on the jet lag, though I imagine I’ll be in bed early, back home, on Saturday evening — which, it’s weird to think, is today here. I’ll be home this afternoon.

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