Successful day. Worn out.

The last post got delayed an hour or so because I needed good WiFi to post it. Despite having a local SIM card with a data plan in my phone now, I can’t get it to connect to the web. Texting and calls work fine, but I really got it so I could use cheaper MBs to communicate rather than text. Hopefully can get that working soon.

Returned to mushroom pizza for lunch. That should be the exception this trip rather than the rule like last time, but the Rum Doodle isn’t exactly traditional Nepali food anyway. I failed to see if the little foot we posted to their wall in ’99 is still there, because only the roof of the restaurant was open, and I can’t remember where we were sitting last time anyway. May have to go back there one evening anyway, to see if any mountain-climbing types are about.

I took a cab down there, but the walk back from Thamel was a treat. What formerly were sidewalks have been reduced to rubble as part of some slow progressing project to widen the street. They got the destruction part done, but I didn’t see any reconstruction going on. Because of that project, you have to alternate between dodging the edge of traffic — one lane each way with both sides passing against oncoming traffic and faster moving motorcycles filling any gaps — and hiking through the rubble of bricks, dust and exposed (hopefully dead) power cables.

Further, if the stuff coming out of my nose when I got back is any standard by which to judge today’s air quality, no one should breathe Kathmandu. They really have a problem: dirty diesels, less-than-completely combusting petrols and the dust from unpaved streets. Apparently electrifying the two-stroke auto-rickshaws a few years back had little effect, because it still smells and tastes like Kathmandu.

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