Comcast stole my modem and won’t give it back

That pretty much sums it up. I’ve had a Comcast cable tv and internet account continuously since around 2003 (used satellite a little bit, but kept the cable internet the whole time). All that time I’ve been using this Motorola 5100 (?) modem. It’s a pretty nice unit, never failed me at all. You could log into it and check status and connection quality, but that was rarely needed because it just didn’t have problems.

So when Kari and I moved from the suburbs to Chicago back in August, we brought the trusty modem with us. I hooked it up to the cable line, and it worked right away. Apparently the previous resident still had an active account. So we used that for a week or two while we waited for the Comcast appointment. It worked great. Quick speeds, no interruptions.

Then the stupid cable guy showed up. I’ve dealt with quite a few satellite and cable installers, and most have been really cool. Some of them really know their stuff and will make things as easy as possible for you. However, this one couldn’t figure out how to get the internet working. I’m serious. I had the internet working immediately using a modem I unplugged in Bolingbrook and plugged into the line while someone else’s account was active. And this idiot couldn’t get it to work. (He couldn’t get the cable tv working either, which is why I feel safe calling him an idiot. Installing these two services was seriously like a 20-minute job, no wiring, and he was here for three hours.)

Part of the problem was that I wasn’t here. Thinking that since everything was already working the guy wouldn’t need my help, I went to mow the grass in the suburbs or whatever, and Kari stayed to let him in. So I couldn’t really see his ineptitude firsthand. However, he did two stupid things just before he left.

Number 1, he swapped digital cable boxes at the last minute because he couldn’t get one working. When he did that, he neglected to reregister the second box instead of the first. So all the channels were screwed up when I got home, and it took me a couple of hours to figure out that the box he left was still programmed for another region of the city. I called tech support and suggested that they make sure the number on this box matched the number the idiot registered — it didn’t. Stupid waste of my time.

Number 2, he stole my cable modem. That’s right, the Comcast installer took my property, my cable modem. This modem I’d bought years ago that had served me well, and that I had working already for the past week, this moron couldn’t register it on the Comcast system or something. So he took my nice, quality modem and left me a cheap Comcast one. It seems to be more unreliable — either that or they screwed up the system in this area recently. It goes down all the time, just for a minute or so. MY MODEM never did that.

About a month later the internet went down for like three days in a row. I called to check on that, and while I was on the line I asked about my modem. Not only did I now have this piece of junk modem instead of my nice one, COMCAST IS CHARGING ME TO RENT THIS MODEM. Yes, Comcast will steal your modem, then charge you to rent the one that they graciously leave in its place.

So I filed a customer service ticket requesting they sort this out, refund my money and give me my fricking modem back. I heard nothing for a few weeks. Then yesterday I called to take advantage of a cable tv deal, and I asked about my ticket. Nothing had been done, so the person handling my call escalated it. That got them to call me back at least. Today I got a voicemail telling me I needed to provide proof of purchase for a modem I purchased years ago.

Now I’m not a fricking genius, but I have years of invoices from Comcast themselves showing me that I was subscribing to cable internet but wasn’t renting a modem. Therefore, they knew I owned a modem. Also, these modems are supposedly registered in their system before they work, so they also know the numbers that identify that specific modem that I was NOT RENTING.

Anyway, I’m going to call them back and see what I can do, then I’ll post more. Also, I should probably start publicizing this — that always seems to work with big, stupid, brainless corporations. So spread it around.

3 thoughts on “Comcast stole my modem and won’t give it back

  1. Well, you inspired me!!!!! After reading this latest entry I got fired up and called Sprint. THEY SUCK!!! For over three months they have owed me $300- I won’t go into the details but I have spent over five hours on the phone and have visited two different stores to try and get this settled. I kept getting the runaround. Well…. after some extra adrenaline from reading your blog I got back on the horn tonight and guess what???? They have now credited my account the $300 they owed me!!! Yahoo! I feel like I should send some of it your way, or not! Thanks for the inspiration and feel free to pass the word that Sprint sucks just like Comcast! Love ya- Lezlie

  2. If you all would just be content with such low technology as I have, it would save time AND money. Or it could just be that I am still stuck in Stacy, watching PBS TV, and using dial up. But I am completely content and not at all jealous.

  3. HI Stewie! You are amazing for posting this blog. I am currently fighting comcast right now to get my modem back as well, 90 bucks for that thing. So if they don’t give it back or pay us for it, then we will file a police report TODAY. WE have all that information on our modem, the receipt and the serial number and the box it came in from circuit city. You have inspired us to take action, and I will now post in my blog about comcast to help warn others.We have been on the phone with Comcast for the last hour or two, and they hung up on us once already.

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