7/9/99 – Friday – 15:02

Leaving Pokhara tomorrow. Really looking forward to the trek, even though the anthropology part of it seems to have died [we were going to study the isolated people of Lo.] Wednesday night I hurt my ankle a little. Thought it was bad, but it’s getting better now, though it still hurts. Reading Without Remorse now. Hurt my ankle doing a scavenger-hunt-type thing for Heather’s birthday. After that we went to a restaurant for dinner and Jimmy brought some sparkling grape juice for the occasion.

 At breakfast the next morning we talked about the $60 plane flight back to KTM. I said I didn’t want to go, and I’d talk to Garrett afterwards. We talked, and we’re going to work the money thing out so I can fly. It’s ok w/me, but I’d still rather take the bus, and still need to watch my spending.

 Went back to see the Tibetans [at a refugee camp] yesterday afternoon. Had a crazy drunk guy following us around causing trouble, but it was good. We’ve been eating brunch and dinner lately, so at 4:45 when Danielle and I were starving we went to buy Pringles and wait and Boomerang for everyone else. So we sat there, ordered Fanta and nan [flat bread with cheese or sliced tomatoes or whatever – awesome] and talked. Then Dan and Garrett pulled up next door in a boat, so Danielle ran over there and told them to go back to the hotel and get everyone else.

Pokhrara%20Lake_small[1] We ordered nan for everyone. We had a sort team meeting at the Boardwalk, then split up for “bar ministry.” So… went to Club Amsterdam first. ___ and I played pool. If it would have been ___ instead of ___ I would have ordered alcohol. Damn it! I get my once chance to drink legally, and we have the stupid pledge the whole time we’re here. Sucks! After that we wandered around, eventually to another bar further down the road toward the refugee camp. Played cards there… Went back to hotel at like 10:15 or so. This morning we met at 9, went to the immigration office at 10 and waited there for an hour or more to get trekking permits. Finally got them, one to trek and one to enter the Annapurna Conservation Area.

Anyway, kinda tired of being here…. I’m looking forward to looking back on this trip. 15:47

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