7/24/99 – Saturday – 9:45

In the middle of a Nepali sermon. [I’m pretty sure we only had English translations at the fancy church in Kathmandu, not here in Pokhara.]Nepali%20church_small[1]

I think I have the basic idea of a story to write.

In the unfamiliar streets of Kathmandu, I go shopping for Pringles. I step over the Buddhist shopkeeper; she slaps me [stepping over someone or pointing the sole of one’s foot at them is insulting and degrading]. I apologize; she laughs. I go to sit down on a box; she yells at me for sitting on her idol. I apologize again, buy my Pringles, and say thanks. As I walk out, she uncovers the box and turns it on. “Free Falling” pours out of the speakers. The streets seems more unfamiliar.

It has its basis in truth, the lady in Jomsom at the One Stop Shop. She slapped and yelled at Dan and played “Free Falling” when I walked out with Pringles one time. I don’t think the idol and the stereo were the same thing, but they have to be, since that’s the point of the story.

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