7/19/99 – Monday – 18:40

Back in Pokhara. Fun flight. I was in the front-left seat, so I got a great view of the mountains and the co-pilots instruments. Really cool.

Flying%20from%20Jomsom_small[1]Tracy, Dan and Khogen went in the 2nd plane. Was about a 20-30-minute flight, and we got in at 7:55 or so. Staying at a new guesthouse, across the street from Boardwalk. Feel some real tension within the team. Should be the easiest part of our trip, these last *18 days*, but I think this will be the hardest time as a team. We really haven’t dealt with a whole lot [of our issues]. Ate lunch at the Billy Bunter and watched the final of the Copa America futbol tourney. Going back in a few mins to see Wild, Wild West. It only came out two weeks ago =). Tracy’s birthday today. Heather got everyone else to go together and buy a disgusting cake. Cake had a buttery substance for frosting. Ate cake and steak at Everest, and I had a terrible cut of meat. I feel our team has grown apart.

I finally shaved today. Contemplated trimming it and leaving it on, but decided I didn’t want the tan lines. I think I looked older though.

Guitar is back =) but one string broke in storage. Tried to find a shop today, but didn’t see one. Just have to play like that for now.

Hate the climate here. Feel grosser after 20 mins here than I did after 2 rough days by Jomsom. Lots of tourists here too. Two of the Brits from Muktinath flew here right after us, and they’re staying by the dam or something. Maybe we’ll run into them. Flying back Sunday now, so we’ll be in KTM longer.

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