7/18/99 – Sunday – 16:00?

Our long trek at 6:00 til dark turned out to be to the Jomsom airport. It was a complete surprise for everyone but Tracy (she overheard). Unfortunately, it’s too cloudy near Ghasa for planes to get up the gorge, so we’ve been stuck here all day. We tried to use our time wisely though. At 7:45 I pulled out the map and suggested we go some place, meaning Mesokanto Pass. Jimmy was interested, and in a couple of minutes Garrett, Dan and Jeremy decided to go also. We gave ourselves til 2:00 to get there, then turn around. Unfortunately, we got to the first split of the Longpoghyun Khola and got confused. We missed the trail on the top of the north side, so we tried to go along the river.

First we tried the north fork. We got stuck and turned around. Then we tried the south fork, including a trail that seemed to head up to the top, thinking maybe we were at the 2nd fork. Dan got really wet when he did a spin move in the middle of the river. Finally we saw other people, and they pointed us to a trail that led up the ridge between the two forks (turned out we were at the first split). It was a hell of a hill, and it took some balls to climb. I led a lot of the time. We finally got to where we could see a city, and correctly guessed it was Kaisang. We could also see the correct trail on the other side of the huge gorge.

The trail we were on only led to a Nepali Army Mountain Training school, which Dan knew was at 13-some thousand feet. The base blocked our trail, so we turned back. It was a good time. We stayed on the bigger, and that gave us a flatter route over the ridge, but we still had the same steep decline. Halfway back we stopped and had snacks, as well as taking pictures in our underwear.

Underwear_small[1]Just as we got done with the pix a guy started up the hill, so we quickly got dressed. Walked back to Jomsom and took a shower.

I was kinda disappointed about flying. I really wanted to trek back, and was prepared for it (we still might have to if it’s cloudy for 2 more days). I really wasn’t excited about it, but I wanted to persevere and do it. Wasn’t at all disappointed about today – I wasn’t expecting to make it at all, though it would have been cool. Little sore though, so I probably won’t try to do it tomorrow. Hope the sky clears to the plane can come.

Finally got dinner. Took like 2 hours, and the girls and the other people here got food first, even though we ordered an hour before them. The guys got ticked off, but I can’t see the justification for that. It’s not America, and we knew that when we ordered. It works differently here, and we can’t expect American service. Kinda divided b/t girls and guys today, cuz we had separate days and now they’re eating in the other room. Think I’m gonna go to bed. Got sunburned today and feel pretty tired. Hope the flight comes.

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