7/10/99 – Saturday – Evening

Went to Everest Steak House last night for dinner. Umm… IDK [I don’t know] what else last night. Not much.Trekking%20permit%20small_small[1]

Today, got up at 5:30, annoyed because Jimmy had been up since 4:30 and kept waking me up too. Went to the bus station at 6:00 and took that almost to Baglung (I think). Ate lunch there, then took a Jeep to Beni. It was 12:30 when we got to Beni, so we decided to walk further. At 4:45 we got to Tiplyang, and we have a nice guest house. The trek was hard, but it was easier mentally when I was in the front. Otherwise it’s fun walking with the middle of the pack as long as we can see the leaders in front of us. One time we got slowed way down in the middle. After that I just stuck to the front.

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