Nepal 2014


In February of 2014, I returned to Nepal for a couple weeks of backpacking and relaxation. Accompanying me this time were my fiance Emily and her recently retired father, Tim, so I got to share the experience with two people who had not previously been to Asia. Photos are in this Flickr album, and you can read the store in the blog archive from the trip.

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This one was a bit different from 2013’s trip. It felt like I’d just been there, and I knew much more about where and how to start the trip. I had a wonderful trekking guide lined up, Rajendra from 2013’s aborted attempt at the Annapurna Sanctuary. I had a great, supportive staff at the guest house where I based my 2013 trip, the Peace Eye Guest House in Pokhara. Devendra there handled some introductory logistics like getting us directly from KTM to Pokhara on the front end.

The trip seemed very necessary sitting back in Chicago this summer looking at Turkish Airlines blowing out ORD>IST>KTM flights on their new route. In the months just before leaving, though, sitting on the doorstep of the Olympic Mountains with a view of the North Cascades out our living room and kitchen windows on a clear morning and having just started a new job, the timing was less than ideal. Flights were booked, though, and it was not just me this time, so I was not about to turn down a paid-for trip to my favorite place.

Basically, the point here was to have a good time and to show this most beautiful county and its people to Emily and Tim. We spent a few days in Pokhara, met up with Raj and trekked part of the Mardi Himal trail and spent the remaining days back in Pokhara then in Thamel, Kathmandu on our way out.