Activity tracking

inReach tracking of hikes and climbs

I typically carry a Delorme inReach satellite tracker when hiking, backpacking, climbing, etc. If I am out, you can view a map of ongoing activity here:

Up to a year worth of activity may be shown, so you’ll need to click on the end points to find the latest position report.

Alternately, visit the map on Delorme’s site at or download this file and open it with Google Earth:

Garmin fenix tracking of running, skiing and cycling

I usually wear a Garmin fenix (first version) while running, skiing, cycling, climbing, hiking and on search and rescue missions and training. The climbs, hikes and SAR are only tracked in GPX format (like a regular GPS), but the more purely athletic pursuits are tracked as activities on Garmin Connect. Here is my profile there:

For fun with JSON data, my most recent ten Garmin activities are listed here:

Description Start Time Distance Duration
Port Townsend Running2019-01-28 10:15:395316.830078125 meters1914.5140380859 seconds
Seattle Marathon 20182018-11-25 07:31:0242164.8128 meters16691 seconds
Port Townsend Running2018-11-13 10:14:296444.419921875 meters2348.6508789062 seconds
Port Townsend Running2018-11-05 09:45:5210213.690429688 meters3702.3400878906 seconds
Grant County Hiking2018-11-04 11:45:351114.7199707031 meters1504.6070556641 seconds
Grant County Hiking2018-11-04 08:07:04873.75 meters961.25402832031 seconds
2018 Chicago Marathon2018-10-07 08:36:5642164.8128 meters15052 seconds
Port Townsend Running2018-10-01 10:14:0312881 meters4424.830078125 seconds
Soccer match2018-09-24 18:03:584296.94848 meters3239.626 seconds
Tyler Peak climbing2018-09-23 09:46:011738.09152 meters2557.795 seconds