Baker photos and maps

Group selfie low on the descent

It will take some time to write up the adventure, so for now enjoy some photos from my unimpressive camera phone and some maps with our route traced. Beyond the selfie/group shot above, the photos can be seen on my Flickr page. And here are some depictions of our GPS tracks:

Mt Baker 2016 climb in Google Earth
Our ascent (red) and descent (green) between base camp and the summit
Mt Baker 2016 climb in Google Earth upper 1000'.png
The top thousand feet or so from the rim of the crater to the summit and back
Mt Baker 2016 climb in SARTopo
The same tracks on a custom map from SARTopo ( is the non-SAR version)
Mt Baker 2016 approach and climb in SARTopo
The same SARTopo map with the hikes in (orange) and out (blue) added
Mt Baker 2016 approach profile from SARTopo
Finally, an informative SARTopo profile of the route from base camp to the summit


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