Prep and wx watching

Six days to go before we head toward Baker. We are currently a group of ten: four tents, three ropes if everyone goes beyond base camp.

We’ve been filling some gaps as a team — allocating tents, finding enough pickets, counting wands, counting ropes. The majority of the group went up to Marmot Pass on Sunday. It was mainly an opportunity to check our conditioning, but we tied in at the top and practice clipping through, practiced self arrest and ran through a crevasse-rescue scenario.

The hike also provided an opportunity to test some gear, so I tried out my new gloves and hoodie. The gloves are OR Highcamp, which have Primaloft Gold insulation and Ventia instead of Goretex. They replace the OR Arete gloves I tore up on the tow rope, which had Goretex but no insulation. The Arete gloves were really good to me, but I have cold fingers and like warm gloves — the Highcamp gloves seemed to keep me warmer playing around in the snow at Marmot Pass.

The hoodie is OR’s, too. They just started making a men’s version of the Echo hoodie, which been around for a couple of seasons for women. Long overdue and a quick favorite. OR makes other versions in the Echo line now, too, but we only have the hoodies. It worked well on the hike, and it goes to Baker.

Emily has an alpine harness and inflatable sleeping pad on the way, but everything else is here and just needs to be sorted and packed. Eh, maybe a little more. Gotta set up the four-season tent, which has been stowed for over a year, and the screens on my ABC watch need to be reconfigured to be more useful when climbing.

Other than those things, we just check the weather. Several times per day. We’re not quite up to next Sunday on Same for the NWS point forecast. That’s a lot of snow over the next few days. The Weather Channel thinks they can see more of the future. The drier weather they predict for Saturday and Sunday is a good sign, but it’s not very solid.

Edit: Based on what I was missing on last weekend’s hike, I revised the Garmin Fenix (original version) mountaineering and hiking profiles to this sequence (plus a navigating screen when in track-back mode):

It’s a few too many screens, but I can delete them easily later if some are never used.

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  1. Sounds like a well planned adventure. Enjoy the gift of creation. It must be something special on top of the world.

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