Post-climb funk

Recovering from a lack of sleep turned this weekend, I think, into a post-Rainier depression. As a SAR team, we were looking forward to Rainier for the better part of a year, at least since first talking about it last fall. During the winter, our plans shaped up to include a preparatory climb of The Brothers, which turned into two prep climbs when we added Mt. Constance (one benefit of the early season caused by a low Olympics snowpack). My brother Jimmy planned a trip here months in advance, and that added a long weekend of climbing in the Constance area to my calendar. All of that was scheduled well in advance for late April through late June and brightened the horizon.

A couple of those didn’t happen — I turned back from Constance once due to a mild knee injury, and Jimmy and I aborted the long weekend mostly due to our grandmother fading quickly. However, I soloed snow on Mt. Angeles a handful of times and summitted it once on rock with Jimmy and his friend. Angeles throughout the winter, The Brothers in April and Rainier last week still comprise a bigger climbing season than I’ve ever had.

It was all very amazing, but now I have nothing on my plate, and I feel it. I can’t plan anything to rival Rainier. My mental performance last week shook my confidence about using what remains of this season’s Rainier climbing pass — and about signing up for a serious climb with other climbers in general. The lack of snow has been a depressive element all year, but Rainier and its glaciers were the bright spot. I’ve never done a long climb on rock, and the snow is long gone.

Jimmy says ride it out and stay in shape. Emily and I have a couple of runs scheduled for next month, 10Ks for me and half marathons for her. A trip to Vantage’s sport and trad walls sounds about right, but that will have to wait until the fall when the weather cools and the rattlesnakes go to sleep.

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