Revised summit plans

1715 Sunday. We are prepped for an attempt tonight. We changed to a single rope of five: Bob, Micah, John, Bill, me. Michael is dropping out of the climb and staying at BC. I get it…this has already been amazing, especially today being up this high on the glacier, with the summit looking (it’s not) a short way above us, and he was feeling the worst of us.

We were all liking the idea of having two separate rope teams to aid in crevasse rescue. Since we will not have that, we are carrying a second rope.

The route is falling out, but there are options further to the right on the Winthrop Glacier, which joins the Emmons just above us here. A little rain this afternoon did not help. We’ll see how it goes, and if conditions aren’t right we won’t summit. If they are, and if we are strong enough, we should be up there around 8 or 9 am.

Time to try to get a little sleep before the alarms go off.

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