“Glacier Basin, Bob speaking”

1230 Saturday. As is obvious from my ability to post these (and from Bob answering his phone), we have cell service here at our low camp. This wasn’t the case at the campground last night, but we are a bit higher and can look back down the White River valley. My phone is still off or in airplane mode most of the time to preserve battery life.

Today’s hike was 3.1 miles on a decent trail. We are around 6000′ now — lots more to climb. Tomorrow we will get an early start to beat the heat, hike a mile and a half to where the trail runs into the Inter Glacier, climb that to the ridge off the end of Ruth, then drop to the Emmons Glacier, which will be our home until we turn back to the cars. We will climb a little on the Emmons and end up tomorrow at Camp Schurman, our high camp. Tomorrow brings boots and ropes if not crampons.

Nothing much else to do until it’s time to sleep, so we each walked up or down the trail a bit, filtered some water, snacked, etc. The views from this area are not as wide-open as those from this morning’s trail, because we are close enough to have ridges blocking our look at the route. I’ve been reading my Kindle (in the tent to avoid the flies) and am having a cup of chocolate chai. I’m hoping an early dinner turns into an early bedtime followed by an early start tomorrow.

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