Valley of Silent Men

Sitting at climbers camp on the way to attempt the south peak of The Brothers with Emily, waiting for the rest of the SAR team to catch up. We get a lot of calls up here and at Lena Lake, which is a popular backpacking site halfway back to the trailhead, so we are here for familiarization as much as training…and a bit of climbing for good measure.

We are at around 3000′ feet now. It’s a pretty decent trail even from the lake, starting around 600′. Summit is only around 6800′, but the Olympics do a pretty damn good version of alpine despite their being a relatively low range.


Here are Bob and Emily just after the lake in the very silent (due to the creek apparently running underground during periods of low flow) Valley of Silent Men. Quite a nice place.

The gang is here, so we’re off to make camp and settle in for the night.

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