Nepal pictures edited and posted

The pictures are preliminarily done. I did not add a lot of notes about each picture, but it took long enough to edit some of them and run them through the geo-processing software (between jet lag, going back to work and getting over the horrible cold I caught somewhere on the return trip). I figured I should get them posted before this Nepal trip was old news. You can view them here on Flickr.

I think they’re good — better than last year’s, at least. I hope I have gotten better with the camera, and I shot them all in RAW so edits would be less destructive. However, I kept the camera in my pack for a lot of the trip, including much of the time in Pokhara and all of our few days in Kathmandu. Hell, in Turkey I never even left the hotel and the airport and therefore had nothing to capture. I had enough to worry about with trying to ensure the trip would come together in our short time there, I had Emily and Tim to talk to this time, and I wanted to enjoy and see everything without the constant intrusion of a camera in my hands. On top of the other two cameras wielded by our group. Emily’s pictures, then, fill in some of the gaps and can be seen on Flickr here.

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