Let’s try this again

Right now, I should have been on the American flight that is beginning its decent to Seattle. The flight from Istanbul to Chicago was on time yesterday, and I would have had plenty of time to catch that final, domestic leg.

Instead, I’m sitting in our Turkish Airlines-provided room at the Istanbul airport Radisson, awaiting the shuttle back to the airport in two hours. Emily and Tim took an early-morning “taksi” to the old city, but I’m done exploring. I’m now $479 lighter due to having to buy a one-way ticket to Seattle tonight. Hopefully the travel insurance we purchased will cover some or all of that, but I’ll have to file a claim later. It won’t cover the extra day of work I’ll miss, and that’s if everything goes right today.

The flight to Chicago is currently scheduled to depart on time but to arrive two hours late. I’m not sure why a fifteen-hour flight will need an extra two hours today, but Turkish Airlines demonstrates their unapologetic propensity toward inexplicable delays nearly daily with the Kathmandu-to-Istanbul route, so I suppose anything is possible. If it really does arrive that late, it’s probable I’ll again miss the last flight to Seattle tonight — the one I’ve already now purchased twice.

Next time, they can keep the free night in an airport hotel, and I will fly another airline.

Edit: I forgot to mention that it appears we’ve been assigned seats in first or business class for the fifteen-hour flight. That would make up for some of it, if it stands, but not the complete lack of care for international itineraries shown in their inability to get the Kathmandu flight to operate on time.

Edit again: Nope. Just the first rows in economy.

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