Every trip reaches this point

There’s always a time when it becomes very clear and foremost in my mind that the rest of the trip’s days have been spoken for. When I couldn’t head back to a trekking trail or even just to see the mountains at sunrise if I wanted to. When there just isn’t enough time remaining to make any plans beyond finishing what’s already known. When, really, we’re looking at hours rather than days.

This realization can come well after the time for such plans is gone. I pushed it aside as time dwindled in Pokhara and for our first couple of days here in Kathmandu. But last night it hit, and here is what we have left: today, tomorrow.

So the Himalaya will wait until next time I get away to visit here. Today we are moving hotels (to the quiet but more expensive Hotel Norbu Linka), finishing shopping and visiting Raj. Tomorrow is free but will occupied even if in what appears to be a lack of occupation.

Last night, though, we snuck in a fun visit to Ohm to watch Nepali musicians play and sing their heart out on American cover songs, from Marley and the Stones to that “Wasn’t Me” song from back in high school. You never hear these songs played or sung with such combination of skill and wild abandon back home — not to mention the accents. It was awesome, of course.

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