Boarding, revised itinerary

We’re through security at KTM and waiting for the arriving passengers to deplane so we can board for Istanbul. We should arrive there this (Monday) late afternoon and will not leave until early tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon. Hoping for a hotel stay on Turkish, but rumor is the help desk in Istanbul has been less than sympathetic to passengers dealing with this situation, which has happened with half or more flights on this new route.

Regardless, they will get us to Chicago on Tuesday. We’ve already been rebooked on that flight rather than today’s as previously planned. My problem from that point is my separate itinerary to take me home to Seattle. To change that flight or to book another one-way flight for Tuesday night will cost almost as much as this round trip from Chicago to Kathmandu, though I can try to claim it through our travel insurance policy. First, though, I’ll try to get Turkish to book me through to Seattle, but the desk here at KTM isn’t set up to do that. Should be plenty of time in Istanbul to plead my case.

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