The view is improving

Dhaulagiri, Machapuchare and a few of the Annapurna peaks showed up this afternoon after two more sessions of rain on what has been a generally cloudy and cold day. Considering it is winter and much warmer than from where we came, all is well. The sun, when out, is extremely warm.

We had breakfast at Peace Eye, hung out for a while reading, then walked to Once Upon a Time for an early lunch of snacks (momo, cheese balls, naan). A bit more walking around after more rain, some shopping, then back to Peace Eye as the sun came out. Major building projects are happening here today, with a new slate roof going up around the new cafe and a truck full of a couple thousand bricks just arriving now (to build a couple of additional rooms on one of the upper floors).

Weather looks wet again and colder tomorrow then clear for a few days. That will take us through the start of the trek. We’ve been talking about diverting to the Annapurna Sanctuary trek instead of Poon Hill/Jomsom. If we switch, we may not make it all the way due to our limited schedule and the need to hike out versus Jomsom’s options for return transport. That would be fine, though, since the entire walk is pretty amazing from the first day, as I saw last year while completing only a day and a couple of hours of the outbound trek. We shall see. We have a few days to decide.

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