One day closer to snow and ice

We’re in Pittam Deurali for the night, arriving around 1410 after leaving Kande around 1000. Got a ride there from the Peace Eye car after breakfast. We had a lunch of dal bhat at Australian Camp, a beautiful place of open camping fields and guest houses.

All is well for the Mardi Himal trek. Raj got the phone number of the brothers who run the upper lodges from the police checkpoint, called and set it up to be open when we arrive. It is the off season up here, so we are going to be the only ones on the trail starting tomorrow, it seems, or at least on the higher parts of it. Could be others camping, of course, but we are not at all equipped or staffed for that.

From Deurali here, Annapurna South is a huge wall of ice and snow, with some rock exposed where the face is sheer. The huge and imposing but distant summit pyramid of Dhaulagiri sits off its shoulder. Today, this morning actually from a particular part of Pokhara, is the first time I’ve actually looked at Dhaulagiri and seen it for the huge mass it is. Someday, I shall have to trek around it.

Tomorrow our objective is Forest Camp. Everyone is kicking ass, so our pace, while far from Nepali, is sufficient. We have a long way to go, but we’ll get there.

Tracking device was running on my pack all day. I can’t really see it from here, so someone take a look at the Nepal 2014 page on and let me know if you see the whole track on one of the maps.

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