Down day, trekking plans

Whew. It appears my straight-up approach to the 13.75-hour (I think) time change had an expiration. I allowed myself a nap this afternoon after doing my normal reading on a cloudy day, and I couldn’t wake up. Even now, around 7 PM, I’m up but feeling exhausted. Needed to get this out of the way before Tuesday, when we start trekking, and the clouds and cold made for an acceptable afternoon to spend asleep.

Tim and Emily made it up a few hundred meters and back, visiting by boat and foot the Peace Pagoda that watches over Pokhara from the opposite side of the lake from Sarang Kot. While a lot lower than SK, that will pass for a confidence-confirming warm-up hike this time around, since the other is a harder up-and-down trip than any single day we’ll trek. No need to over stress the body a couple of days before taking off on the real thing. They did well, had a good time and stayed dry. The real rain today came later in the afternoon.

The forecast is looking up, and we will meet Rajendra tomorrow to firm up trekking plans for the next morning and finish our permits. I’m leaning toward setting us off on the Mardi Himal trek, which is on the ridge to the east above the Annapurna Sanctuary trek. The ridge top makes for a more steady climb compared to the elevation variation continuously cursed while following a river like the Beni-Jomsom and ABC trails. Depends on weather and group comfort level with it, and it’s a relatively new route as far as trekking, but it’s on the maps and developed with a few trekking lodges. Views should be amazing no matter how far we get, and it tops at 4500m. It wasn’t on my radar until Devendra mentioned it today, but that elevation and the trail profile are pretty attractive. We shall see.

Now, light dinner and back to bed hoping the forecast for clearer weather the next few days holds.

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