Processed Nepal photos posted on Flickr

After a bit of messing around with my Nepal photos over the last week, I’ve removed from Flickr the unprocessed photos uploaded when I got back and replaced them with processed versions. Most are geo-tagged with coordinates, altitudes, headings and city names and can be viewed on a map by clicking the links below the photos, and all of them now have titles.

You can flip through the 101 pictures in the refreshed Nepal 2013 set on Flickr.

I realize some things would be easier if I posted photos on Facebook instead of Flickr, but then what would be the point of using a nice camera? To comment, you’ll need a Yahoo!/Flickr account. This is a good time to mention that Flickr vastly increased the capabilities of its free accounts last week. I’ve had a paid pro account for years, and I have barely begun to touch the terabyte of space they now provide free users. It’s worth signing up, which you can do at

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