Nepal GPS logs

While I was in Nepal, I had maps posted on my website showing my location and tracks, when I wasn’t just hanging around in Kathmandu or Pokhara. The Delorme inReach satellite tracker/messenger carried transmitted that automatically every ten minutes or so. It worked pretty well, with dead spots only where I was against a steep canyon wall under tree cover. I wasn’t watching closely enough at that point to see whether it was the GPS or the communications satellite, or both, with which it had lost contact.

Delorme’s site recorded everything, and I’ve trimmed the data down to the individual segments of the trip, cutting out things like airport arrivals and wandering in London, though I suppose I could also upload London. In addition, I have a more detailed and probably slightly more accurate trip log of the trekking days on my handheld GPS. I’ll download that and post it at some point. The camera also logged my location most of the times I pressed the shutter, so there is some more data. Not sure what point there would be to it, but I guess I could stitch together a hell of a detailed map of where I was using all three sources.

If you want to see my tracks, download the log files over on my trip page.

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