Well, that took a turn for the worse

Chhomrong, 1615 on April 11th. Here for the night at just shy of 2200 meters. We really pushed to get here, even though it is an hour or two short of the goal for the day I mentioned in my last post.

Lunch was a large helping of dal bhat, and a large helping thereof is bad for a Matt recently recovered from food poisoning. As soon as I ate it I slowed down…and after lunch the trekking consisted mainly of hours of stairs, 800 meters uphill. We made it here, and I said I wasn’t going further. I would have stopped in the last town if my map had been accurate, since it claims this village is 10 meters lower than Taulung.  It’s not, and it’s all uphill all the way, very steeply.

As soon as I laid down I vomited up lunch, after rushing to the shared toilet down the hall. Pleasant. Let’s hope this is just due to the large meal and constant climbing, so tomorrow we can move on.

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