Posts may fall off a bit, as I’ve determined not to do too much in the way of activities for the last few days of my time here. Yesterday I just hung out around the guesthouse for dinner and drinks, met Devendra’s son (picture below) and read a bit. Skipped the new year’s concert, since people were headed there rather late considering my continued 0430 starts of day.

This morning I slept til 6, though, which was really nice, and laid in bed reading for another couple hours, partly to relax and partly not to invade the cafe staffed by people who had gone to the concert and hadn’t had much sleep, I’m guessing. Breakfast and more reading, then some more reading, and I’m halfway through the book I started today.

The guesthouse made some calls about flying in something smaller than a 22-person mountain flight, and after a shower I stopped down the road at Aero Club Nepal, which flies a fixed-wing two-seat ultralight for around $250 an hour. I’m considering doing that tomorrow or Tuesday morning early.

For now, I’m back at Once Upon a Time for a slightly late lunch. In around 3 hours, Newcastle is playing the early game, so I’ll probably find a place to watch that before dinner. Until then, reading and relaxing.

It’s a little humid and hazy today, hiding the mountains even when I woke up, but sure beats “spring” in Chicago. The streets are packed with locals off work for the holiday, though god knows where they work, because it seems everything is open.

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