May have to turn back

…and do I really care? Yes, the place we can make by continuing I know is beautiful. But so is this place, a little further from them but still the best, closest experience I’ve had with the Himalaya.

We will decide in the morning. I will, I guess — Raz is happy to proceed or to divert to Poon Hill or to head back.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me or how best to treat it. I tried water, lots of it, and pushing through today. In the morning, it worked great. Hard work, of course, all up or down, but doable. This afternoon, after eating the large meal of dal bhat I thought I needed for energy and was ready for after the food/water poisoning, I was horrible. We can’t continue this afternoon’s pace if we hope to go any further and get out in time.

It could be the remnants of the sickness. It probably is, and I maybe needed more rest and less food for another day or two. Have I set my recovery back now, or is this just a bump? Hard to tell when I feel great in the morning, and I’m assuming I will tomorrow.

It could also be exhaustion. I was feeling the heat, which isn’t bad, way too much this afternoon, even in the shade, and shivering whenever we stopped despite drying my long-sleeved shirt. Maybe my body, which has never been well trained but has always responded when my mind told it to do something, just isn’t doing that anymore.

I’m fairly certain it’s not the altitude. No headache, confusion, drowsiness, lung congestion, etc. Due to today’s losses and gains in elevation, we spent most of the day below 2000m and are barely above that now. My warmup hike on Sarangkot was close enough to that, with no ill effects, and it’s really just not all that high after being here a couple weeks as varied elevations and varied levels of physical activity.

What to do, what to do…probably will take the safest option — for myself, Raz and, despite loving flying, my strong aversion to being helicoptered out of the Annapurna Sanctuary.  That’s a moderate day’s hike, down and up ridges to the town with the closest connection to buses back to Pokhara.

That’s hard, and after I threw up and fitfully napped a little this afternoon I sat here crying about it. But. as I said above, this place is amazing. I’ve never been one to achieve a goal set by someone else when factors dictate otherwise, and the Annapurna Sanctuary is just that: the common. expected end of this journey. It’s beautiful right here, I’ve never been to any of these places or seen any of these peaks from this close or these angles before, and I’ll have plenty of pictures by which to remember that.

3 thoughts on “May have to turn back

  1. Sorry to hear how bad you feel. That would suck to be there and not to continue. But, better to be safe. Sounds like an awesome journey whatever you do.

  2. I should have sent you a package. Living here at altitude the local stores sell “Altitude Adjustment pills” They work wonders. Hope the trip is awesome.

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