Loving it

No rain to speak of today, but a lightning storm has been moving overhead for hours. Just sitting here at Peace Eye, dinner finished, enjoying the sounds of thunder. The people here I know at least somewhat now, from Devendra the manager and Rishi (sp?) the owner to the tourists from Switzerland, Sweden, Bosnia, England and Malaysia — the ones here for a while with, like myself, no real agenda and at least a passable grasp on behaving themselves in this society.

The last keeps me from despising them as I do so many tourists that cross my path, sitting with the soles of their feet up, eating with their left hand, wearing clothes that would be more appreciated in Europe or California, complaining about everything — most annoyingly, about Nepalis speaking Nepali in front of them (“oh my god, I know they’re talking about me, and I can’t understand…I won’t stand for that…no tip!”). I can’t excuse such a minimal amount of accommodation nor the apparent failure to read or appreciate even the first chapter of any fucking guidebook on the country. How does one justify such a self-centered failure even to attempt cultural understanding or, at least, compliance?

Along with the local Khukuri Rum, I had tonight my first glass of racksi, the Nepali village liquor. Rishi brings that out when his friends visit, and tonight I rated a glass. Would have rated more, but I’m a little scared of the stuff and don’t want to be hungover on my last full day. It’s a little sweet to my taste, and I’m the only westerner drinking it, so I switched back to rum after putting down a glass. Cool weather due to the clouds and quite a friendly mood among all of the recent regulars here tonight — very nice.

Finished shopping today and maxed out the Chase daily ATM limit paying for that and prepaying most of my final hotel bill. Lesson learned…do those things on separate days.

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