Headed to the farm

I’m sitting at the Pokhara – Kathmandu bus station waiting for the 8 am tourist bus to Kathmandu. I’m going to get off an hour or two early at Mahadavbesi and meet someone fron the Mountain Fund there to be shown the way to the village up the hill from there.

My 3G doesn’t work too well, so I’ve mostly been using wifi, and I think there is only 2G in that area, so posts may drop off for the next week or two. I still have my satellite tracker, so I’ll check in with that if nothing else.

Updated since I could not get this to post earlier. Now halfway there and stopped for lunch. Should be another hour and a half down the road, it seems.

It is another beautiful day, not too hot, and immediately on leaving the bus station we had great views of the entire Annapurna range, less obstructed than those from Lakeside, Pokhara. Spare camera batteries are in my luggage, and the one in my camera is dead, so I had to be content just to watch.

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