Days are short

It just hit me this afternoon that I don’t have much time left. It seems like I’ve been here forever but, at the same time, that it was just a few days ago that I arrived. I’ve been moving around as my whims have dictated; now, however, there is a limit to what I can dream up and do.

I don’t have time to take a plane to go explore Jomsom and the surrounding area. Well, I do, but it would take every day I have left and require an early flight tomorrow. I don’t want to spend my last days here dealing with more travel arrangements or, worse, predicting the likelihood of successfully getting a timely return flight out of that temperamental airport.

I did some of my gift shopping today. If anyone wants something specific, let me know, and I’ll try. So far I picked up a few things that will pack fairly small for the flights home. I generally have no idea what to buy my nieces and nephews back in the states for Christmas, much less here without their Amazon lists, so an attempt at that must still be made. I’m thinking sharp Gurkha knives would be most appropriate — small ones, of course, for their little hands.

Tomorrow’s plan is as extensive as today’s: read a lot, shop a little, see mountains when they’re out, eat when necessary. I’m coming out of this trip as relaxed as possible and knowing that I saw way more on this trip than I had anticipated, despite and because of relaxing my trekking plan.

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