Cipro and Pringles

I’ve been holed up in my room all day napping and reading, trying to kick a resurgently upset stomach. After a late and light breakfast I walked a couple blocks to the nearest pharmacy and bought enough ciprofloxacin to have lasted this entire trip for around $12. Gotta love the pharmaceutical prices and prescription practices here. On the way back I grabbed a tube of Pringles, and here I lie, late in the afternoon, awaiting the afternoon storms.

It has stormed and rained somewhat heavily the last two evenings. Winds get high, lightning is abundant and temperatures drop nicely. It has been lasting about an hour. Somewhat atypical for this early in the pre-monsoon spring, I believe, is the number of days this has occurred recently. It may miss us today, but it looks and sounds like it is coming.

I’m really hoping to be more mobile tomorrow, since I really have just then and Thursday to enjoy life here. I’m fairly set on waiting til Friday late morning to fly to Kathmandu, with a cab ride the backup if that flight is canceled, before my 920pm departure from Nepal.

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