Headed to Pokhara

I’m sitting in the departures area of the domestic terminal at Kathmandu, waiting for a slightly delayed flight to Pokhara. The taxi ride this morning was quick around Ring Road, so I’ve had some time to kill here.

If anything, it seems flying domestic in Nepal is more complicated than flying international. The ticketing area is a jumble of people and airline counters, each of which only opens for a bit before that airline’s next flight is set to depart. There’s an airport tax to be paid at a separate counter first, then you have to convert your eticket to a boarding pass at the ticket counter.Security checkpoints with metal detectors are before and after ticketing for some reason.

As I was sitting here a minute ago, I met my first actual Everest summiter, Dorje, a climbing and trekking guide and HAP waiting for his flight to Lukla to set up base camp for clients set to arrive in a few days. It’ll be his fourth trip to the summit, on oxygen only above 8300 meters. It was cool to meet someone who’s been there, especially one who does the hard work.

Hopefully I catch this flight, getting to Pokhara by 2 this afternoon. No idea what the PA announcements are saying.

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