Bye, London

I’m back at Heathrow, T4 this time, awaiting the flight to Abu Dhabi leaving in a couple hours. Brief layover there from 7 to 10 AM tomorrow until the flight to Kathmandu.

Had a good time here and saw what I could in a day and a half. Great hotel, the Hoxton, was close to enough that I didn’t have to take the train more than a few stops in any one direction except to and from the airport. Short of getting that ticket, navigating was easy.

Yesterday I walked around the neighborhood, found some cider at Dom’s old local, then walked to the Tower of London and the Tower Bridge. Walked around those, then met Al for a pint. Had a few more ciders on the way back to the hotel as well…a few too many for my morning.

Today I walked around a market and some other shops, had fish and chips for brunch, then walked around the St Paul’s area — crossed the river a couple times and took some pictures. From St Paul’s, I went to the Museum of London, which was interesting (and free). Back to the hotel to retrieve my backpack and check in to my flights, then headed to the airport.

Weather was fine…not great because it’s been cold and windy, but at least it wasn’t raining. I would have liked to have spent more time here, but perhaps on another trip during a warmer month. London seems fun enough to enjoy for a week or two. Now, I’m happy to be going on to Nepal.

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