Spotify workaround

EDIT: See the next post. This workaround is no longer functional.

If you were lucky enough to get a Spotify invite during the period when it was really easy to go through a proxy in the UK to invite yourself, only to find that the program started to realize you weren’t where you claimed to be, don’t give up.

And if you didn’t get an invite during that weekend, there’s still hope.

Short story, I’m back. It doesn’t even take that much technical knowledge…just occasional access to a VPN in the country where you live. And by “live,” I mean “live.” VPN access can be quite cheap for the few bytes that need to be exchanged to make this happen.

I love this service, and I can’t wait until they can fill out their catalogue a bit more (they say they have millions more songs under agreement awaiting the processing required to add them to the database). And I can’t wait until they really open it up to listeners in the US. This is going to be huge…really huge.

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