Spotify signups are back, new U2 album

Well, apparently I was wrong to think there was no way to get a new Spotify account from the US (or other countries where it is not allowed) without having someone do it for you from outside the country. There is a way to do it, using access to two VPNs in different countries to get past the blocks on Spotify’s website. I figured it out while signing up one friend, and promptly signed up another. If anyone wants an account let me know — quickly.

It’s a few steps beyond what was required before, but still very doable — hell, I figured it out this time, instead of relying on tips from the interwebs. And you don’t even need an invitation code, though I still have plenty of codes if anyone really needs one.

I’m at home, sick, today, and keeping up with my emails and calls but also laying in bed and listening to music. I’m part-way through the new, unreleased U2 album, No Line On the Horizon. It doesn’t appear in Spotify when you search for it, but users registered in the UK and some other Spotify countries can listen by clicking the direct album link:


I am a fan of early U2, not so much the last two albums. Also, listening to Live In Paris yesterday, I got so annoyed with Bono constantly shouting phrases and the names of each song before and after performing it that I turned it off. But I’m giving this a chance. So far, I’m not a fan of the up-front, droning whole notes in “Moment of Surrender” and some of that same feel, different sound, in “No Line on the Horizon.” But the music does seem like a good step for them, overall.

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