No more new Spotify accounts

The second workaround for accessing Spotify from the US was apparently closed off right after I used it. It isn’t causing me any practical problems right now, but I went back to create accounts for friends and wasn’t able to.

That workaround was using the free trial of Ivacy‘s subscription-based VPN service, which has a server in the UK that was perfect for Spotify. I didn’t come up with that on my own, and apparently a lot of people read the same thing I did and used it. I should have figured that would happen and did everything I needed to do right away when I found out about it.

I have this to say to the Spotify staff: Stop trying so hard to shut us down! You have to be very appreciative of the fact that so many people the world over are going through all sorts of steps to get around your geo-ip blocking system. That means people love what you have created and want to use it! Of course, you have license agreements and you have to follow them to maintain your reputation, to continue your operation and to expand it further. But you could make a show of that while allowing these workarounds to function for longer periods of time before you shut them down. I think it’s possible to keep this out of the mainstream (preserving your license agreements) while allowing it to grow underground in prohibited countries (ensuring you have a ready market in those countries when licenses, marketing and ad sales can be expanded).

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