Toilet paper

We go through a lot paper products in this country. All sorts of things are available in “disposable” versions to save time, work, mess, whatever. Some of those I try to avoid — paper plates and cups, baking pans, plastic bags and especially anything styrofoam. I still use a lot of paper though, because some things just don’t work well if they’re made from anything else.

Toilet paper is one of those. It may work to use leaves or the fingernails of one’s left hand, but I’m pretty certain that I will stick with paper on this one. So, I bought some green toilet paper. Not green-colored, but recycled.

This stuff is 100% recycled, 80% post-consumer, whitened without chlorine, dye-free, safe for septic systems (so plenty safe for municipal treatment systems) and made by a company, Seventh Generation, that has a good reputation for making environmentally friendly but usable products.

You can take a look at the TP on Amazon. Buying it in bulk there saves me trips to the store, ensures a good supply so I won’t substitute normal paper, and makes it relatively inexpensive. Plus, I love shopping for weird things on the interwebs.

We’re still on our first roll of the stuff here, and it’s been a week and a half, I think. The rolls last forever. The two-ply version is strong and effective. It does not fall apart, nor does it disintegrate like some of the really soft, normal paper. It’s not “quilted Charmin,” but it seems far softer than the bulk-supplied stuff used in most commercial buildings — this may be because of its relative thickness. In short, I really like it and am not at all disappointed to have 47 more rolls to use up.

I know it seems weird, but consider it. Widespread usage of this stuff will save trees, reduce landfill waste and reduce water usage — each by incredible amounts.

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