I’ve been reading a lot more over the past few months due to getting stuck in airports (because of O’Hare delays). I might be missing a few, but I remember these:

Himalayan Odyssey, Parker Antin with Phyllis Wachob Weiss. Story of a mostly illegal (at the time) trek, poorly supplied, with little in the way of accurate maps, through western and central Nepal. Interesting especially when he got to the area of the country with which I’m somewhat familiar.

The Silence of the Lambs, Thomas Harris. Never saw the movie, unlike everyone else in the western world, so this was new to me. Good, obviously.

Fight Club, Chuck Palahniuk. Saw the movie several times first, and that followed the book pretty closely. That pretty much ruined it for me, but this was an enjoyable, quick read. The ending of the book is better, more ambiguous. The “deep” sections of the book may have been quoted by the narrator in the film, but they have a little more impact when you can read and reread them.

High Fidelity, Nick Nornby. Movies, to me, reduce a story to its basics — people and events. This book is actually about something, and I’m sure the movie must be, too, though I missed that. I loved it and read it in just a few days. The movie seemed to have stayed pretty close to the book, so that helped make it a quick read. But I really read it, and I loved some parts of it, some paragraphs about sex, life, relationships.

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