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I finally started posting pictures to my Flickr account: I’ve started to put a couple of sets up, but they’re mostly pictures that were already part of the albums on this site. I needed to start somewhere to get the hang of it.

I should have done this a long time ago… say, before I spent a lot of time making dedicated photo album pages. Flickr was certainly around when I did that, and it was already huge. But I didn’t really buy into Web 2.0 stuff — tagging and all that. I still don’t know if I do. Even with this simple example of tagged photos at Flickr, the tagging is too inconsistent, and the amount of information that has to be waded through to find relevant pictures is too great. I still like search engines and static, unrelated websites for finding things, including pictures. I’m sure someone’s working on how to improve that, and I’ll be proven wrong at some point.

There are benefits to doing this, obviously. It’s much easier to upload pictures to Flickr and add titles, descriptions and tags than it is to make a dedicated album page, resize the pictures, and upload it to my web server. There’s the use of comments/feedback, which is good until strangers start drawing those little highlight boxes around parts of pictures. And there’s the relational aspect, which lets you know when people post additional pictures.

Frankly, though, Flickr has in some ways a very confusing interface. The handoffs between groups, sets, “photos tagged with…”, and “public photos tagged with…” could be handled much better. I’m not sure why they haven’t substantially changed that. One other complaint is that I like things in albums (sets) — both my pictures and others’. Flickr’s emphasis is on individual pictures, and tghe list of sets always occupies a sidebar, not the main focus.

I can see advantages to where this is headed, such as this demonstration of an amazing piece of software called Photosynth, used in the demo for coordinating (I guess that starts to describe what it does, though describes it poorly) thousands of related pictures: (video). If you haven’t seen that, take a look, because it is the most amazing piece of software you will see for a while. The entire, short video is good, but look for the Notre Dame demonstration about halfway through.

Anyway, the Flickr page is up, and I won’t be posting any additional photo pages on this website.

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