Getting settled

Here’s a couple pics of the new place. These are from a couple weeks ago:

Dining room

Living Room


We’re starting to find our way around the neighorhood. So far, we have:

– A cafe, good breakfast and lunch sandwiches, very close to us.
– A good coffee shop about 3 blocks away.
– A Tastee Freeze about 2 blocks away.
– A breakfast place — pancakes and such — about 2 blocks away. Also serves lunch.
– A church similar to the one we used to attend in the suburbs about 3/4 of a mile away.
– A neighborhood bar about 3 blocks away — haven’t been there yet, but supposed to have decent food, too.
– A couple of 24-hour Mexican restaurants about 1/2 mile away. Good food and large horchatas.
– A UPS store a block away, which can receive packages for $5 each — necessary for the pesky people who ship things requiring a signature.
– A bunch of other restaurants (open later than the ones close to us), bars, etc., that are within long walk or train distance.

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