New place, new job

Well, we found an apartment in the city, and we get the keys on Tuesday. We’re going to be moving to the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago… the closest main intersection is Armitage and Humboldt. Still working on selling the house, so we can move kinda slowly over the next couple weeks rather than one big rental truck weekend from hell.

The apartment seems nice… I’ll post some pictures after we actually move in. My sister Becky thinks we’re channeling Seinfeld or something. I think we might finally get a visit from them after we move in, just so Becky can live like Seinfeld for a day or two.

The reason we picked up the pace on the apartment search is that I’m going to be starting a job with the City of Chicago, which requires that I have a Chicago address to complete the background check and start the job. I’ll be done at the Forest Preserve District on the 11th of August. The new office is very close to our apartment on the Blue Line — I’ll be commuting by pickup truck no more (Anyone want to buy a ’95 Ranger after we move?). Kari’s job is on the same El line, so she can take public transit to work, too.

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