7/7/99 – Wednesday – 7:23

Had a short meeting yesterday, then went to a restaurant close to here [Billy Bunter] and ate breakfast and watched soccer. Came back to the hotel, Boardwalk Guesthouse, and picked up our bags. Then we hiked across Pokhara to this big hill called Sarang Kot. It’s about 1000 m. higher than Pokhara, so it was quite a hike.


On the way up I stayed right behind Dan and Garrett. I liked being there. On the way down I waited for Danielle, so it was us and Heather and Khogen, our Nepali guide. It was ok though to be in the back cuz 1) we were going back, not to someplace, and 2) Danielle is fun to talk to. At the top the clouds cleared and we could see Fishtail pretty well. Took lots of pix. Heather bought a new camera, so she’s picture-happy.


Little sore today. Hips are bruised from the belt, and legs are just plain sore. The way down sucked cuz I like to run down, and we had to go super slow. But we ended up being the first group down, cuz I pushed us a little and cuz we took a short cut. Took boats across the lake to the Boomerang; jumped out and swam a little, but I was too cramped up in my legs to do that very long. Came back, took a shower, and went back to the same restaurant for dinner, cuz they were playing Star Wars. It was a pretty low-quality movie, but still fun to see. 7:54

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